Mr. Issam Alhaj Ibrahim, the Marketing & Creative Manager, sits down for an interview

1. What is your favorite part about working in Marketing & Creative Department?

"The marketing and creative work usually are like filling different shapes of the cups with water. I have worked with many other multinational brands and agencies with varying business models for around 16 years in the region. I did the same mission, from branding and design to finding creative, practical solutions. And how to develop the industry, it's hard to find these two combinations together. So my favorite part about working in Marketing & Creative Department is how to compare the marketing and the creative fields under one department."

2. You've been with ECC for quite a while. What keeps you motivated?

"This place is more than an engineering and contracting company. I know it's the name and the function, but it could be a brand with many different functions. I still believe that we have many tools, brains, experiences, and facilities that we can use to create new solutions for humanity and society. That motivates me to find how to use all of these sources and raise ECC's positioning in the market."

3. What is the biggest challenge you faced at work? How did you handle it?

"After working in different fields, the biggest challenge that I faced and still is to work in the construction field and prove that it's a must to have a creative team who handles most of the company selling materials. However, portfolios and corporate identity materials to the presentations and branding guidelines have a solid base for this department, with a big vision and goals. Will enhance it with a marketing strategy to win many local and global awards."

4. As the manager of the marketing & creative department of ECC head office, what is  your plan and goal to keep our blue in the industry thriving?

"It's an easy equation: To impact the market, we must add value by finding a new solution. To find a solution, we have to create new ideas. Thus the idea is the most important in any business; it's the start and the result.
Since all the world is going into sustainability, I believe that we have to enter from that gate and create new business model categories, leading ECC to find a place in the new era. This vision will make ECC more stable for the long term and give it more credibility and trust in the market. At the same time, it's also healthy for the group, giving ECC new blood and a new greenway of thinking."