Mr. Ahmed Balawi, the new Engineering Manager, sits down for an Interview

1.What made you decide to join ECC?

"I have seen from ECC the potential to challenge myself, to add value, and to do something different. And I believe that ECC is a family-based business, everyone is reachable, everyone is approachable, from top to bottom there is respect, and there is an understanding, and that makes a difference. ECC is like a big family."

2. What do you think are the best ways to keep an engineering team motivated?

"During my education, I have worked as a teacher; this is why it is part of my understanding to focus on the people themselves, know them, and listen to their needs. We need to find their strengths to help them improve and what are their weaknesses that we can help them to overcome. I think this is my goal with everyone in ECC, that whoever works with me, even with other departments, sharing knowledge, working collaboratively, and even empowering everyone is what I think the core success with any set-up."

3. How do you motivate yourself?

"I'll put it in this way; I don't need any motivation because I am here to do what I have to do. And what I'm doing, first of all, I have been trusted to do this work, and I cannot fail anybody. And me failing my tasks means that I am failing everyone and compromising the lives of everyone who works with me. Therefore, I don't think that I need motivation, because I do believe that many lives depend on me, so I have to be always up to my best, because I want to show everyone that what we do is for ourselves, for our company, and the community."

4. What qualities and skills does it take to be successful at your company?

"In general, first of all, knowledge, open mind, communication, and accepting that we need to continue learning and improving. The moment we believe that we've learned it all is the moment we fail. We must continue learning; continue sharing this knowledge with others. Because what I lack for, someone else can complement it. So collaborative working environment and proper communication with an open mind that opens to others is the key to success. These are the skills for every successful person. Be smart, be kind, be collaborative with everyone, and you will succeed."

5. What is your plan for 2022 in your department?

"I have always informed my colleagues about two things – knowledge and technical backgrounds are the base and the core of our career. Technology and coping with the latest market trends are the added skills to make us survive. So what I'm looking for right now in the coming two years is to work with my colleagues into enforcing and expanding their technical skills, backing it up and supporting it with all the necessary technologies available, spreading all this knowledge, whether it is practical or theoretical to enable them to speak the market language. This would help to grow beyond their expectations, to serve the company, and to have a brighter future."