Mr. Ahmed Abushahla, Construction Manager, sits down for an interview

From start to finish, what are the main steps of a construction project?

  • Conceptual design stage
  • Detailed design stage and preparation of
  • GFC
  • Planning
  • Estimation and procurement
  • Assigning subcontractors
  • Finalizing labor and creating
  • teams/departments
  • Engineering
  • Coordination with the main contractor and
  • other disciplines
  • Construction
  • Inspections and approvals
  • Snagging/ DE snagging
  • Project Closeout/ Handover

Describe one of your most challenging projects so far. Why was it challenging, and what did you do to overcome difficulties?

"The most challenging project so far I have managed is the Address Dubai Opera Residences, Downtown. Given the scale of the project and involved stakeholders, it is one of the most prominent and premium residential projects of EMAAR and one of a kind for our organization. The major challenge faced in this project was the use of BIM tools for interior and fit-out scope, which had never been used before. Still, our team successfully bridged the gap, and we could mitigate many challenges on design and site by using BIM. Another big challenge appeared in front of us to keep up our work during the COVID outbreak when there were new regulations, procedures, and rules to follow. Amid all the fear and restrictions, our team managed to get through the difficult time, still maintaining good progress. The credit for this goes to the determination and willpower of our team members and support from our management. Other challenges include managing a huge group of subcontractors, keeping a check on their productivity and quality of work which required proactive quality checks, regular reviews, and feedback, and providing seamless coordination and communication between the parties involved. As per my experience and observation while working on this project, using modern tools and techniques and enforcing proper open communication between team members contributed to our progress in the project."

How do you keep your team motivated?

  1. Offer Recommendation and Appreciation
  2. Engage in active Communication With Construction Team
  3. Give your team full support; your team cannot succeed without your support.
  4. They allow flexibility to team members.
  5. Allow self-development of employees.
  6. Give importance to their opinions and ideas.
  7. Keep a stress-free ambience in the office by allowing team building