Lean Training Awarding

Congratulations to all Lean Training Awardees!

Lean Construction GB Training

The Lean Construction GB Training was conducted in ECC- Head Office from 16th October to 18th December 2021, with ten training modules every Saturday. There were 17 participants, primarily from Abanos, PMI, UME, and ECC. This was certified training by the International Quality Federation (IQF). All the participants enrolled in the exam have passed with a merit. The participants have gained the ability to confidently discuss rather complex subjects, effectively solve problems, and provide valuable recommendations. This training has encored in building the leadership, risk- assessment, financial and team-building skills to manage larger projects in effectively finishing projects and reduce operational costs for the ECC Group. ECC Management is proud of all the participants for completing and scoring the highest in the exam held on 18th December 2021.

Lean ISO 18404:2015 - Internal Audit Training

The Lean ISO 18404:2015 Internal Audit Training was conducted through Microsoft Teams. A 3-day event from 21st to 23rd December 2021. There were 10 participants, primarily from Abanos, PMI, and ECC. A certified training by the British Standards Institution incorporated by the Royal Charter. Each participant has learned to emphasize building a management system capable of catering to the ECC Group requirements and constraints. The participants were more involved and accountable, aligning quality with broader business strategy. Enhanced risk-based thinking throughout the standard, making the whole management system a preventive tool and encouraging continuous improvement. They urged the participants to have a less prescriptive documentation requirement by aligning with other essential management system standards using a typical core structure.

The Award Ceremony for Lean Construction GB Training and Lean ISO18404:2015 Internal Audit Training was held on the 14th of February 2022 to appreciate the participants for contributing their best to the training amidst their daily work. The ECC Management is truly honored by all of them. Once again, Congratulations to everyone who participated!