Guest Speaker – Ms. Fatima Alblooshi

1. From your background, what value do you think you can bring to the company?

“I provide excellent value to the company through my commitment to strengthening and upgrading work procedures. My dedication to continuous learning, career growth, and fostering collaborative relationships enables me to contribute effectively to achieving organizational goals. I strive to drive improvement and development in the work environment by positively influencing the company's overall performance.”

2. What challenges did you face when you joined the group?

“When I initially joined the group, I encountered challenges that demanded my attention and adaptability. One significant hurdle was effectively managing my time, particularly in balancing personal responsibilities and professional commitments. Initially, juggling the demands of both spheres was overwhelming, but I swiftly recognized the importance of setting clear priorities and establishing boundaries.

I developed strategies to optimize my time management skills to address this challenge. I implemented a structured schedule, allotting dedicated time slots for personal and professional activities, ensuring that neither aspect of my life was neglected. I gradually achieved a harmonious equilibrium by embracing effective time management techniques, setting realistic goals, delegating tasks where appropriate, and utilizing productivity tools.”

3. What three words can be highlighted in you professional life, and how does each affect your personality?

“Ambition, this word has a tremendously positive effect on me, as it raises the level of courage in making decisions and reduces fear of change and development.

Serious work is the first step to achieving every dream in life.

Sincerity is a way of life that I take to achieve the goals that I want to reach.”

4. Who is your ideal, and what is your goal in life?

“The inspiring person in my lineage is the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. May God rest his soul, whom I consider my ideal in giving and devotion to serving the country in addition to his achievements in various fields, which I think is a source of inspiration for me to achieve my most important goals in life, to be one of the most influential women leaders who contribute to its prosperity and the development of the United Arab Emirates.”