Guest Speaker: Mr. Abdul Kader Traboulsi

1. What is the most meaningful story you can tell about yourself, how does it impact your life, and how has this story shaped who you are today?


"Growing up in a war-torn country where overcoming many daily challenges, including keeping safe while reading at University and preparing for a purposeful career, has shaped my personality and instilled in me the values of resilience, tenacity, perseverance, and hard work. Today I pride myself on being a professional engineer who has been blessed with being part of the pioneers regionally and globally in working the ecosystem of sustainable construction development in the GCC region.


I have become a successful engineer dedicated to positively impacting the construction world. Overcoming my challenges has deepened my commitment to inspiring and empowering others. Through mentorship and training, I strive to help those around me achieve their goals professionally and personally. My goal is that everyone can benefit from increased access to education, career guidance, and technological advancements.


I pride myself on having championed sustainable construction development in the GCC region since 2004, advocating for more efficient energy practices and waste reduction through sustainability and climate action strategies. With this work, I aim to create an environment where individuals can thrive without sacrificing safety or comfort."


2. After you recently joined ECC, how has it been working with the group so far? Please let us know what you can do to ensure success among the sister companies.


"I have been impressed by the Values of ECC, which are integrity, social responsibility, and Honesty. Therefore, it is only natural that we continue to foster those core values among the sister companies. "I focus on building relationships between departments based on trust and collaboration to work effectively as one unit toward a common goal. We look for ways to create an environment where these core values are promoted throughout the organization. This includes making clear communication channels between teams, sharing best practices and experiences to help each other succeed, and providing training opportunities for employees to grow professionally with ECC."


3. What focus areas will you concentrate on among the group companies? Are there any particular goals you hope to achieve in your new job?


"Despite global economic volatility, resilient organizations like ECC weather the storm through innovation inspiration and working the ecosystem.


I look forward to participating in growing the core business and capitalizing on the group’s impeccable track record of excellence in construction project design and building based on competence, integrity, honesty, and timely delivery.


ECC has a long history of providing superior construction management services to our clients. Our core values are at the heart of everything we do, and our team of experienced professionals upholds these principles with every project we undertake. Successful construction projects require expertise, dedication, and hard work, so we bring only the best quality materials, equipment, and personnel to each job.


Our approach is focused on sustainability and innovation; we leverage cutting-edge technologies and tools to create cost-effective solutions for our customers while minimizing environmental impact. ECC also promotes collaboration amongst all stakeholders to work together towards a common goal."


4. Are there any new activities the group would consider taking on besides contracting and construction? What kind of unique value could this add to the group?


"Since its inception, ECC group has persevered and consistently proven its capability to honor its core values of integrity, social responsibility, and Honesty. This exemplary track record and history of the group positions the group to take on further activities, starting with industrial innovation that delivers sustainable and eco-friendly value-added products that actively contribute to sustainable development, climate action, and Circular Economy, thereby adding a unique value to the group.


To achieve this goal, ECC Group has undertaken a comprehensive strategy: investing in research & development; collaborating with key partners; embracing green technologies; innovating new processes and materials; and engaging in sustainability initiatives."


5. What techniques and technologies are necessary to help the company become the UAE's top-ranking contractor and construction firm?


"ECC's mission is to offer its clients the highest standard of Quality and Service; hence the Company's adoption of cutting-edge construction technologies, including but not limited to 3D printing design and build technology, BIM modeling technology, and the lean six sigma management system. In addition to the Company's impeccable track record of excellence in construction projects design and build, such methods and technologies place the Company in a top-ranking position in the construction and contracting industry."


6. What proverb do you believe and consider part of your businessman personality?


"I pride myself on my ability to inspire by applying my experience to drive people for transformation to higher levels of achievements successfully, and this is how my business personality is defined as two famous sayings have influenced me:


"Management is a Craft Profession.

Leadership is an Art; it is an Inspiration."


"Nothing is impossible; the word itself says:

I’m Possible! “"