UAE’s ECC – one of the first to implement BIM technology on large scale construction planning

  • Veteran contracting company is an early adopter of game-changing industry technology
  • BIM technology will enable greater operational efficiency leading to cost savings and greater time management for ECC and its clients

ECC to adopt BIM on all future projects to ensure delivery of high-quality projects

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates; 3rd April 2018: Engineering Contracting Company LLC (ECC) announces its adoption of Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology – a collaborative engineering technology solution. The technology is a digital representation of physical and functional characteristics of a facility, forming a reliable basis for decision-making during a project’s life-cycle. The Company made the executive decision to integrate BIM on projects and into operations going forward, as it allows for greater operational efficiency enabling significant cost savings on projects that can be managed through the platform.

“The return on investment for ECC is multi-layered,” explains Kareem Farah, CEO, ECC. “From better human resource allocation, to time and cost savings on contracted projects, BIM is a fully integrated process which links all project data in one place. We are already beginning to see the implementation of BIM in the industry as it was mandated by the Dubai Municipality in 2013, however majority of these projects have adopted BIM purely through the request of their client. We are of the mind that this platform is an imminent game-changer for our market, and so we’ve decided to incorporate BIM technology into some of our projects going forward, regardless of whether it is requested by the client, to deliver the best quality for our clients.”

BIM is an intelligent 3D model-based platform that provides users with insights or tools for architecture, engineering and construction. BIM helps to plan, design, build, construct and manage building and infrastructure virtually.

Farah added: “We are well known for taking on challenging and innovative projects. New technological advances will allow us to maintain our cutting-edge implementation in the construction industry and continue to deliver on quality projects. BIM is just one step in our direction towards the lean construction model. There are many other programs underway that will benefit our clients and upgrade our service offering.”

ECC believes in providing a high standard of living and a notable well rated quality of work to its clients. BIM is creating wonders in the construction world and implementing BIM will provide a significant boost in comparison to ECC’s competitors, as it connects all project stakeholders under a Common Data Environment (CDE). Resolving design clashes and helping in visualising the end result of the project will catapult ECC towards becoming a market leader in the years to come.

According to Samer Abu Daqqa, Cost Control Manager at ECC, “Sustainability in a competitive marketplace such as the UAE requires early adoption into technology to avoid errors and remain cost effective through all stages of operations. ECC is an established contracting company in the UAE, but we continue to evolve with the industry. We stand proudly as usual towards perfection and development, and most often, we are among the first adopters of new technology.”

Kareem Farah was recently awarded the Young Entrepreneur of the Year award at the Construction Innovation Awards 2017, whereby his leadership in the UAE construction sector was recognised by a distinguished jury of industry experts.